Monday, 11 July 2011

Bovington2011 Part 2

John F, Graham, Dave W and I went to the Bovington show. We were graced by the prescence of Lord Russell in costume to the amazement of the visitors.

The game was the Western Rising 1549  revived from 2002 - 2003 as it was the nearest show to Devon and Cornwall.

Dave and John commanded the royal forces to a victory at Fenny Bridges but a reverse at Faringdon Down on the first day. The Royalists managed to defeat the rebels at Clyst St Mary but took quite heavy losses and were then broken at Clyst Heath as they tried to storm a roadblock on the road to Exeter on the second day.

Perhaps a veil should be drawn over individual performances but the main lesson for the Tudor Royal Council was 'short commanders good - tall commanders bad'.

The game drew a lot of interest especially from people local to the campaign area. One couple lived  on one of the battle sites and several were trying to work out where the Clyst bypass would be while the majority had never heard of the rising. It is a good campaign and very hard for the Royalists to win while offering a very frustrating experience for anyone who takes the rebels.

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