Saturday, 17 September 2011

Game Report - Fubar WW2

Last night we played another game of Fubar run by Dave on a terrain heavy board. German counterattack vs a small units of US Airborne holding out for reinforcements. Lots of figures, armoured cars and even a few tanks to add to the mix. A good game.

However as usual for this rule set there was some robust discussion. In particular the oddity that an American rifle firing using aimed fire into a hard cover area was 6’s to hit, where if used on fully automatic it would get two shots per figure still needing 6’s to hit. I think the modifiers were :- Aimed fire 5+ normal +2 to target for hard cover -1 for aimed fire = 6’s, or Unaimed fire  5+, +2 for hard cover = 7s, always revert to a 6 to hit. Additionally I was concerned that the unit had failed its activation was still allowed to fire twice per figure on over watch (which is the default position). Finally the overwatch was triggered by me moving figures within a building (OK I moved one figure out to be able to use his panzerschrek, but this figure still counted as being in hard cover.), which felt harsh.
The rules allowed a unit that failed its activation to use overwatch to slaughter via unaimed fire(at 2 dice/figure), a platoon moving around in a ruined building trying to get to some firing positions. I would have been better off not moving.

The upshot is a one page set of rules which are slowly expanding.

However I do like the rules as they do slow units down due to the need to activate, now if only my company flanking the Americans had not failed nearly all its activations (The Captain was cautious as he heard automatic fire from the crossroads) I am fairly certain that we would have out flanked them. As it was we ended up unable to get across the terrain quick enough and the American held out.

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  1. I do the old school wargaming thing. A 7 = a roll of a 6 and another roll of a 4,5,6. An 8 needs roll of a 6 and another roll of a 5,6. An 9 takes a roll of 6 and another 6 on a second roll.