Saturday, 3 September 2011

Game Report September

Somehow I lost the summerised post for last month so here is an update from Neil.

Thanks to Dave Kightly for running a FUBAR WW2 game this week;
the jury is still out on these rules it seems. There are lots of good points in the set, but they do not seem to work for a pick-up game, but rather require very carefully organised scenarios. Pity, because they play well in other respects.
My play test for the new Warhammer Historical rules went OK; bit shaky at first due to lack of familiarity with the process, but two interesting games were played, hopefully the first of many. Thanks (I think) to Dave
Crook for the various quotes from gladiator movies - at least up to the point when the double entendres became more dangerous than the swords, from whence it descended into Round the Coliseum.
'Oooooooh, matron' indeed! 
This coming week we have a Lord of the Rings game scheduled, while our very own Prince of Dorkness (pun intended) Steve Slater will provide Fury of Dracula as an alternative. Haven't decided whether to bring Memoir 44, Battlecry or Wings of War myself at this time, but I shall provide something.

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  1. Gladiator is very much a work in progress and anyone looking for a super-detailed set of man to man combat rules will probably need to look elsewhere. Having said that, the game is great for actions involving numbers of figures so reaching back into hallowed antiquity for a game should not be too difficult. They could form the basis of a good ancient skirmish set complete with naval boarding actions, chariot races and all sorts of other exotica.

    I shall certainly splash the cash on this one and many thanks to El Supremo for providing the toys and generally attempting to restore chaos out of the order.

    and yes.... I WAS entertained.......;-)