Monday, 21 October 2013

16th October Games

This week's meeting got off to an unusual start when Brian turned up after a long absence and proceeded to fill the room with games, models and gods alone know what else which he was desirous of disposing of. Suffice to say a proportion went to various members present, and I witnessed the unlikely sight of Dave Crook at a total loss for words!

When the games got under way, Dave Kightly ran Last Night on Earth (US based zombie game for the uninitiated) and Bob, Andy and Mark ran the promised 40K game. Pictures attached, including James' Ork Stompa (I think that's the correct spelling) which took down a Dark Eldar barge before said Eldar stomped the Orks.

Next week, a Warhammer Fantasy game has been arranged; I will run the ACW naval game I had intended for this week, but which was rather overtaken by events.

See yer soon,

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  1. Good looking games going on; looking forward to seeing the Fantasy game. Best, Dean