Sunday, 24 November 2013

20th November Games

A reasonable turnout last night; thanks as always to Mark for running his SWAT game for the bulk of those attending; didn't have much time to look at the state of play (see below for the reason), but picture attached anyway.

I was somewhat preoccupied with umpiring the rather delayed Napoleonic naval game; Ed had his baptism of fire, including a fierce boarding action launched by Contre-Amiral Slater as the French commander. Thanks to Steve Harbron for acting as Ed's 'sea-daddy' (and no, there isn't any unnatural connotation there!) I realised there were a couple of tweaks to the rules I had not included during the last review, and will attend to these; picture attached at an early part in the action, with some nasty close broadside action in the offing.

Next week I gather that a Warhammer 40K (or Fantasy - some uncertainty here) has been proposed. I will run a further Napoleonic naval game at the request of Ed and the two Steves, and would welcome anybody else interest in a bit of nautical mayhem.

See yer soon,

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