Tuesday, 17 December 2013

11th December Games

A fair turn out last night; Mark,Bob and Andy ran a Lord of the Rings game based on a scenario from The Two Towers. Word is the Uruk-Hai have a couple of halflings to play with as a result; I have checked my copy of Mary Gentle's 'Grunts!', but cannot currently find a receipe for roast hobbit. It's important to use the right sauce you see.... picture attached. Of the game, that is.

Steve Harbron was kind enough to bring along a new board game called 'Euphoria' for a play test. Not being directly involved in this game I wasn't paying close attention to the play, but I gather the game was enjoyed by those involved.

Next week it appears we will be a bit thin on the ground. Steve Slater has therefore offered to run a Valley of the Dinosaurs board game as the Xmas entertainment; I have picked up a board game based on the first of the Hobbit films (via The Works in Southend) which might also be worth a try.

See yer soon,

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