Thursday, 8 August 2013

7th August Games

Better turnout this week. Steve ran Fury of Dracula for the benefit of Messrs. Hardman and Kightly, Mark and co. ran a Lord of the Rings game (picture attached), and I was able to run the second trial for the Napoleonic naval action - this seems to be OK now and will go on record as a useful game for a small show. A picture of the early stages of the game is also attached.

I am advised that Alan and Chris are planning a DBA/HOTTS game so Alan's Romano-British can have an outing. Steve Slater has agreed to bring a selection of board games; I would be prepared to run either Angels 20 (Malta RAF vs. Italians) or by way of a change Ludis Gladiatorus. I would ask interested parties to advise which game they wish to take part in.

See yer soon,

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