Saturday, 17 August 2013

14th August Games

A reasonable turnout this week; Chris was kind enough to run a Hordes of the Things game to allow Alan the chance to use his Romano-British army against Chris' Dark Ages Irish. This game went to the wire and was the cause of some spirited discussion concerning rules interpretation along the way. Steve Slater ran a Fury of Dracula game, while Bob and Andy played a Malifaux scenario. Pictures of the general mayhem and the climax of the Hotts game are attached. Apologies to Chris for the inadvertent lemonade flood; I think I managed to sponge it all out....

I am currently unaware of any arrangements for next week's games other than to suggest that I shall bring Ludis Gladiatorus along as there were no spare bodies to play this week. Could those organising additional games please notify their nature via this email please?

See yer soon,

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