Friday, 2 August 2013

31st July Games

Another quiet night for attendance this week; given this is the height of the holiday season this is to be expected, I suppose. Bob's Dark Eldar took on Andy's Chaos forces and gave them another thumping!

I have been working on another Napoleonic naval scenario based in an action in November 1805, which the Steves, John and Laurie took part in. The victory went to the French on this occasion, but I expected the scenario to require revision and will be undertaking this with a view to a refight.

Next week, therefore, I will re-run this scenario with the revisions suggested by those who played - for which many thanks. A Lord of the Rings game has also been arranged, and as ever I would welcome any further game offers.

I would also remind members about the Military and Flying Machines display which is held this coming Friday to Sunday 2nd to 4th August. Full details can be found at and if the weather holds, this should be worth a visit.

See yer soon,

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