Friday, 26 July 2013

24th July Games

Bit thin on the ground last night; I shall be expecting sick notes or postcards from holidays from the missing parties in due course...

Bob, Andy and Mark ran what appeared to be a pretty short Warhammer 40K game - short due to Mark's troops being annihilated in two moves!

I ran the Eastern Front Angels 20 scenario as arranged, using a selection of recently obtained Romanian and Russian aircraft for the first time. It is fair to say the Romanian IAR 80 and Bf 109 E were outclassed by the Russian La 5 and P39, as was witnessed by two games with each side swapping round. It is of interest to note that Tovarich Bryson scored his first kill in the second game using a P39 to obliterate an IAR 80, throwing THREE sixes with my SELWG dice in the process. A picture of the dice roll is attached for those who would doubt that the dice in question actually have sixes engraved on them.

Plans for next week currently centre on a further Warhammer 40K game and an idea I have for a Napoleonic naval game; thought it was about time the 1/1200 ships came out again....

See yer soon,

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