Thursday, 4 July 2013

3rd July Games

As arranged, we had a trial game with the Legends of the Old West rules last night; I have had these rules for some time, but had never really worked up the interest to run a game before. There were some - interesting, shall we say - situations arising from the test game, involving the slow dismantling of a door by bullet and size 10 boot (hi Alan!), incipient pyromania (yes, Andy, I am looking at you) and a final no holds barred gunfight in which the bad guys achieved their seriously politically incorrect objective. No photographs this week as the terrain was rather crowded due to the rapid expansion of Bryson City with the advent of the new MDF buildings on the market.

Next week John has offered to run a Rapid Fire WW2 game using his early way 15 mm collection; I have another set of predreadnought rules which I wish to test, and will supply all the items needed.

See yer soon,

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  1. Shooting out a lock for 4 rounds and then finding the door was bolted. Then not managing to set fire to the dried out husk of a building despite copious amounts of oil lead to a good nights gaming.