Monday, 15 July 2013

10th July Games

Firstly, congratulations to Chris, Graham, Dave Weedon, John Francis and Andy for their success in retaining the Best of Show trophy at the Battlegroup South show last weekend. To win any award in successive years is no mean achievement, but with the quality of games at this show the bar is set even higher. I understand that the War of Spanish Succession game will be offered for the SELWG show in October this year.

Last night's games are included as photographs herewith;

My predreadnought rules test required ' shell splashes' to record fall of shot. I actually found that I was running out of markers, as the attached photo shows!

Thanks to John for the WW2 game, and to Andy and Bob for their Malifaux game.

Currently we have an offer of a French and Indian Wars game from Steve and Laurie, while I intend to run the predreadnought test again, with a few tweaks to be made to the rules, which I think will help with the larger actions we tend to play.

See yer soon,

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