Thursday, 18 July 2013

17th July Games

A reasonable turnout last night, in spite of the current hot weather. I didn't get much of a look at the impressive French and Indian Wars game that Steve and Laurie were running, but given the number of comments about whinging French colonial troops, I gather that the British had the upper hand by game's end. Similarly, Bob and Andy's Malifaux game appeared to proceed to their satisfaction. I ran a second playtest of the naval rules originally written by Bob Cordery with a couple of tweaks. These played out OK, but the rules are not best suited to the level of fleet action we favour; I intend to use these in a modified form for the smaller fleet actions of the earlier Ironclad era in due course, but the rules are going to need some work for this to be achieved. 

Next week I understand that a Warhammer 40K game is scheduled, and Steve has agreed to bring some board games as well. I hope to return to Angels 20, having taken delivery of the last of my current batch of Eastern European Axis aircraft last night. No prizes for which theatre of operations is likely to be featured in the game....

See yer soon,

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