Friday, 28 June 2013

26th May Games

A distinct nautical theme to last night's meeting; thanks to Dave Kightly for the War at Sea game, using his USN and IJN collections. I started rather later than expected with a play test of a set of predreadnought rules due to the late arrival of Messrs. Fosker and Crook, together with the usual business transactions etc. Pictures of both games are attached; the War at Sea game ran twice and my play test went well, but there are changes and rewrites planned for this and a set of rules for the earlier ironclads.

Next week has an Old West game planned using the Warhammer Historical rules. I have had these for some time but have never played them. I believe I have a batch of player aids squirreled away on the PC, and will send these out when I can find them which might help to get things moving on the night.

See yer soon,

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