Saturday, 8 June 2013

5th May Games & Broadside 2013

Steve Slater kindly ran a Valley of the Dinosaurs game, which appeared to live up to its customary level of mayhem and apparent double-dealing.

I ran the Angels 20 Russian Front scenario which has made a few appearances to date; this time the Luftwaffe got the sharp end of the stick - both Fw190 escorts were shot down (see accompanying picture) but the Bf110 completed its mission and was able to exit relatively unscathed.

As you may be aware, the Broadside show takes place next Sunday. I will be taking Angels 20 as a participation game, and as always would welcome assistance in the handling of the game from anybody who is planning on attending the show. 

I have attached the (rather stylized) route map, together with the layout of the Wyvern Hall, which is the first area you enter on arrival.

Show details can be found on the Milton Hundred Wargames Club's site at , which has further details of the trade etc.

See yer soon,

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