Saturday, 1 June 2013

29th May Games

We had two games running - I ran a France 1940 Angels 20 game, pitting the Armee de l'Air against a Luftwaffe bombing mission. This was one of the larger games I have run, with 11 aircraft involved. The game was a spirited (and occasionally heated) affair, but the French managed to prevent the bombers getting through. The furball which resulted can best be seen from the attached picture.

Chris, Dave Weedon and Alan played a couple of Hordes of the Things games during the evening. Honours were even at one game all, a picture of the second game being attached.

I plan to run an Eastern Front Angels 20 game next week as a prelude to the Sittingbourne show which is on the 9th of June. If there are any other games planned, perhaps these could be advised?

See yer soon,

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