Saturday, 15 June 2013

12th May Games & Broadside 2013

Well, that one is done for another year! Thanks to John/Chris for the loan of the display stand (table layout features in accompanying photo) and to the two Steves, Laurie and John for helping with the three games we were able to run. Quite a bit of passing interest (including Henry Hyde of Miniature Wargames). On site trade was OK if not quite what I had hoped for but most people came away with a decent haul.

Thanks to Steve and Andy for the Flames of war and Dogs of War games they organised for Wednesday nights session; pictures are attached.

Steve tells me that Mark has proposed a SWAT game, while Steve will bring some board games. I will look at something similar (Memoir 44 or Battle Cry seem like good ideas), but any other offers would be welcomed.

See yer soon,

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