Tuesday, 19 February 2013

13th February Games

A reasonably busy evening this time, with three games on the go. Steve Slater ran a board game which I didn't have time to investigate but seemed to go well. Mark and co. were busy in the 40K universe with a game that saw Alan's Imperials well and truly duffed up. 

Steve Harbron and I ran an X wing game in an attempt to create the Death Star trench attack. The Rebels didn't do terribly well (since most players were new to the game), but I have attached a picture of the early stages before a right old furball ensued.

Next week, Dave Knightly and Mark Lovett are intending to run another test of their Dark Ages skirmish game. I will bring Angels 20 with a view to some North Africa/Malta action. Time to let the Ities out to play again...

As a reminder to one and all, the Cavalier show will take place on Sunday 24th February 2013. We have a table to present the Very French Civil War game developed by John and Chris. Details to be sorted out this coming week re travel etc.

See yer soon,

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