Monday, 13 July 2015

8th July Games


Apologies for the delay in this weeks post; life has rather got in the way recently.

Mark ran a sci-fi game using some really nice scenery;

While Mike, Josh, Andy and I played a particualrly bloodthirsty Lion's Rampant game, which Andy and I lost in convincing style!
       *Amendment* I am informed by Andy that it was a draw at best . . .

This coming Wednesday I believe John will run a WW2 Rapid Fire game in 15mm, whilst I feel the need for a long-delayed Angels 20 game.

Lastly; a picture of the seems game of X-Wing, including some massive ships, at Broadside this year.

See yer soon


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  1. That sci-fi set up looked awesome and as for the Star Wars - wow!