Friday, 21 August 2015

19th August Games


    Thanks to Andy for running his Dogs of War game last night. it seemed like a really enjoyable game.

     I ran Mission 2 from Space Hulk (appropriately entitled 'Suicide Mission'), which the marines were unable to complete on this occasion.

     Next week there is a Warhammer 40,000 scheduled (no other details at present). Steve Slater wants to play test the Osprey steam punk rules 'In Her Majesty's Name' and will provide the bulk of figures. If anyone has suitable figures in hand perhaps they could be provided?
     There is a link to the game designer's website which has a play sheet and all other useful bits.

See yer soon


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  1. Gentlemen,
    If you need any extra resources for the IHMN game there are free to download reference sheets and other materials in the IHMN blog in the Bonus Materials section (
    Craig Cartmell.