Monday, 2 November 2015

28th October Games


     A busy night yesterday; we ran a four-handed Warhammer 40K game and Steve H, ran a play test of the new Thunderbirds board game. We also had a visit from Matt who had been in touch previously and took the opportunity to pop in for the evening. Hope you enjoyed yourself Matt - see you again soon!
40k seems wargames club essex

      I confess my attention was drawn to a play test of Frostgrave by Chris and Andy H. I've been discussing this with Mike recently as a possible club campaign game and was able to play in the two games that were played. I'm hooked.
frostgrave scenery mordheim seems wargames club

frostgrave scenery mordheim seems wargames club

      Next week, I have suggested it is time for another Lion's Rmapant session. I'll bring my Dark Ages and Wars of the Roses figures and would welcome any other forces on the day. Steve S has offered a selection of Board games as well.

See yer soon


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