Thursday, 7 January 2016

6th January Games


Our first meeting of the new year took place last night. Steve S, Alan and Josh were play testing the 'Age of Sigmar' rules, which were admittedly simpler than earlier GW fantasy rules but still led to some 'spirited discussion', as it were. . . .

Steve H had brought along the new 'Zombicide - Black Plague' which he had subscribed to as a kickstarter; this was immediately seized upon as the other game for the evening and proved to be immense fun. Another club-night classic in the making, methinks?

No Pictures due to the unpainted nature of both games.

Next week, Steve S has agreed to run a game of Wings of War/Glory. I've offered to run either a Napoleonic naval or a pre-dreadnought game, depending on whether or not I cn sort out the details for the latter.

See yer soon


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