Friday, 29 July 2016

27th July Games


By now, all members should be aware that Laurie Bryson passed away last weekend. For any readers outside the immediate circle, I should explain that Laurie was born with spina bifida and as such was confined to a wheelchair for his entire life. I have known him since I first attended Present Arms at the Rocheway Centre in Rochford in the 1970's. He could be a challenging opponent (given his ability to 'dispute a rules interpretation' at the drop of a hat), but was always good company. Increasingly poor health in recent years had resulted in his club night attendances becoming increasingly less frequent, but this does not make his passing any less difficult to come to terms with. He will be missed.

Rest in peace Laurie, may the dice gods be kind to you.

This week's meeting saw Dave K run his Pulp Alley game, while Chris, Andy H and Josh payed Lion Rampant with Lowland Scots vs Highland Scots.

sweeney pulp alley seems wargames club essex

scottish lion rampant game

Next week, Steve H has offered to run Zombiecide Black Plague, while Andy P will run his Samurai Skirmish game.

See yer soon


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