Thursday, 26 April 2018

25th April AGM


Thanks for everyone's attendance and assistance last night at the AGM. I thought I should summerise the items discussed, conclusions drawn and further action where appropriate:
  • Club Funds - I'm currently awaiting a response from Santander concerning the failure to supply statements and failing to honour our earlier request for Mark's access to the account. We also decided that following Andy's explanation of the subscription issues from 2017, no refunds would be made.
  • Club Badges - Please view the attached link to for details of the samples I showed last night. I think the 60mm x 40mm badge is our best best, but please take time to view the site and we'll discuss this further in due course.
  • Club Game - This is still under review, but it seems that from the point of view of a game for future shows Terminator Genisys has possibilities. As advised I have a large stock of Resistance Fighters and Terminators which I'd be happy to pass out for painting should this be a game we choose to present.
With this in mind, I've arranged that we should have a play test next week of the full TG rules to assess how much needs to be done. I've asked Scott to hold a table for our use in case the work in the warehouse isn't finished.

See yer soon


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