Tuesday, 26 March 2013

20th March Games

A bit thin on the ground again this week - but much free food in the bar for those who attended! (unused buffet for a function earlier in the day, lots of goodies to stuff oneself with..which one did). 

Thanks to Steve for a Doctor Who game reminiscent of the Christmas game but slightly smaller scale, which was well supported. I took the opportunity to run an Angels 20 game using some of the new models from the Bandits High release which came out recently. Pictures of the models used are attached; suffice to say the USAAF took a pounding from the Fw190 D's shown. Revenge will be sought I suspect.



Next week, Andrew has offered to run his pirates game. Predictably, Angels 20 will be my offering. This time on the Eastern Front, with dive bombers and some all new Soviet goodness on show!

See yer soon,

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