Thursday, 11 April 2013

10th April Games

A fair turnout this week. The Warhammer 40K game seemed to run OK; as you might expect, I was a bit caught up with an Angels 20 game set over France in 1940, which saw the use of a Stuka and a new French fighter, the Dewoitine 520. We had a couple of first time players, so things were perhaps not as fast and furious as normal, but the furball shown in the attached picture was impressive! Not surprisingly, the Luftwaffe ran out as winners, but I for one would repeat this scenario. Further work on generating pilot abilities rests in the (mostly) safe hands of Dave Crook at this time....

Next week, Dave Kightly and Mark Lovett are running another test game for their Dark Ages skirmish game. I intend to enjoy a bit of a break from air warfare and play Command & Colors Ancients for a change. Steve Slater has agreed to bring along some boardgames as a filler.

See yer soon,

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