Thursday, 4 April 2013

3rd April Games

Still a bit thin on the ground on club nights at present, although I gather some of you are a bit snotty at present, and quite understand the urge to stay on the warm! To those sickly mortals, a kind thought and a wish for you to return to good health soon.

The Sumerian game ran out of time due to distant deployments and poor pip dice rolling on both sides. Having said that, Steve and I had already lost some key troops so I would have to say I was ahead on losses in any case. The better of the pictures I took is attached for the delectation of those who were not present. Thanks to Steve Slater for running the Warhammer naval game for those not involved in the Sumerian game.

Next week, I will return to the skies with a 1940 based Angels 20 game - a chance for the Armee de l'Air to strut its stuff beckons. Bob and co. are planning a Warhammer 40K game, and Mr. Slater has agreed to bring a selection of board games as back up.

See yer soon,

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