Thursday, 5 September 2013

4th September Games

Firstly, I would like to welcome Mike after his visit last night; I hope you enjoyed the ACW naval game. This was a trial for the Portable Naval Wargame variant covering the ACW written by an old mate, Bob Cordery. The game went OK (even Laurie enjoyed himself!) but the general opinion was the rules were basic (which Bob himself admits) and a number of amendments (solely for our use, Bob) have been considered; an amended version of the rules will follow in due course.

Thanks also to Dave Kightly for running the Battlestar Galactic game again; I didn't get a chance to look in on this game but hopefully Humanity did better on this occasion....

Some of you may already be aware (following reports on the wargaming blogosphere) about the passing of Don Featherstone; details of the cause of death are vague but it appears to be due to a fall. Don has been described as the Father of Wargaming, and his books have been an inspiration to generations of wargamers. We will not see his like again.

Next week - on a brighter note - I will run an Angels 20 game (theatre to be decided). There is also a 40k game on offer if you prefer your mayhem to include thermal weapons!

See yer soon,

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