Sunday, 13 April 2014

26th Feb Games

Thanks to Dave Kightly for running his zombie game this Wednesday. Not sure how the survivors got on, but the game went to the wire for a decision. Picture of the game attached - plenty of zombies about but where are the live guys?

I was able to run a small Napoleonic naval game for the benefit of Ed and Mike, who are both new to my rules ( and in Mike's case, considering when and how to start work on a Dutch squadron as further opposition to my fleets). Plenty of manoeuvre and sufficient gunfire to inflict damage on both sides, but I think Ed and the British were ahead on points at close of play. This game was a joy to umpire, and gave me no small pleasure to see the rules and the ships in action. Picture attached at the height of the action.

Next week, we have a Lord of the Rings game lined up (Bob says he has some new figures to bring into play - don't know what though). I have offered to run a Space Hulk game using the most recent rules for some deep space mayhem. Cleanse and burn, brothers....

See yer soon,

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