Tuesday, 1 December 2015

25th November Games


A decent turnout this week.

John and Steve S ran a Rapid Fire game which looked very nice.

Mark ran a small Lord Of The Rings game, which sadly I didn't get photos of, but it was nice to see Bob and his lady friend this week as he can't always make it to Hockley these days.

Mike, Steve H, Josh and I settled to a Wars Of The Roses vintage Lion's Rampant game. Josh had the misfortune to have his leader killed in a challenge, again, which led to the collapse of his forces and my right flank. Josh tells me he is selling the figures, which might be why they won't fight for him . . .

lion's rampant wars of the roses game

Next week a play test for the 7TV game has been arranged. This will accomadate 6-7 players, so I'll bring Memoir 44 to cover any gaps.

See yer soon


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