Thursday, 10 December 2015

9th December Games


      Rather thin on the ground last night - possibly due to an accident on the A127, though, Laurie has also advised the sad news that Jon's father passed away after a short illness. I am sure you will all join me in expressing our deepest sympathy for Jon and his family at this trying time.

     Josh ran a play test of the Force on Force rules, set in Afganistan, for those present. Given the lack of familiarity with the rules and having the likes of Laurie, Steve and Alan being the play testers, I think he did really well for his first attempt.

     Next week; Steve has suggested we run In Her Majesty's Name, so anyone who has sutable figures for the game should come prepared.

     I have consulted the centre's management who have confirmed that the centre will be open on 23/12/15, closed on 30/12/15 and avaliable for our use again on 6/01/16.

See yer soon


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