Thursday, 12 January 2017

11th January Games


Decent turnout last night for the time of year - it was my first meeting of 2017 due to illness last week. Mark ran a play test of a set of barbarian fantasy skirmish rules he is working on; this provoked 'lively discussion' as is often the case in these situations.

I ran a small scale TANKS game in 15mm using two Shermans against a single Pather; couldn't supply anymore as the necessary models are currently out of stock in most places.

The situation regarding the club's attendance at Cavalier in February has taken a turn for the better. We will probably be running Dave K's zombie apocalypse game at the specific request of the organisers; more news on this anon.

Dave has suggested we run the zombie game next week ahead of the show to sort out scenarios, terrain etc. So I'll sort out something as a backup game.

See yer soon


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