Thursday, 19 January 2017

18th January Games


Fair turnout last night:

Dave K ran a play test for his Zombie Apocalypse participation game - this has been requested by the Tonbridge club for the Cavalier show on 26/06/17, so it's time to start sorting things out!

One of our visiting members - Mark S - brought along a pre-production version of a game called Feld Marschal, which covers the German invasion of Russia in 1941. The game has been under development for an extended period, having been started by Mark's father many moons ago. An opportunity for a play test was too good to miss, together with a discussion on marketing and a possible Kickstarter. Sorry, Chris, I couldn't get your good side in the photo.

Feld Marschal play test

Next week, I'll run a 28mm Tanks game, so if you have any available models, bring 'em along!

See yer soon


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