Friday, 24 March 2017

22rnd March Games


Fair turnout last night;

Dave K ran 'Last night on Earth' for the followers of zombie (un)consciousness.

Whilst, Steve H and I tried the Lexington and Concord scenario from the AWI 'Hold the Line' board game. For those unfamiliar with the period, this is the first action of the conflict when British troops from Boston attempted to seize arms and ammunition held by Patriot forces. This time, I am pleased to inform, His Majesty's loyal subjects that a serious defeat was inflicted on the rebels, but not severe enough to crush the rebellion. More anon. . . .

Next week, I've been asked to run a further Lion Rampant game, which I'll try to run with forces of 36AP as a distinct from the usual 24, thus providing sufficient forces for four players. Steve S has offered to bring a selection of board games as a backup.

See yer soon


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