Friday, 31 March 2017

29th March Games


My thanks to Steve S for hosting a board game last night; whilst I ran a 36AP Lion Rampant Anglo-Norman vs Norse game for Josh, Alan and Dave K. Both sides suffered with poor movement dice rolls at various times, but Dave was able to inflict serious casualties on the Norman cavalry (guys-charging shield walls hurts!), although he couldn't complete the scenario requirements for victory in the time available. I still gave him the benefit of a winning draw for a gutsy fight . Based on last night the Normans can be very effective, but require careful co-ordination.

lion rampant normans norse viking club game gaming historical

No firm decisions for games next week as yet; I hope to be able to run Poseidon's Warriors (ancient naval rules by Osprey) provided a play test this weekend goes OK.

See yer soon


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