Friday, 8 September 2017

6th September Games


We ran two games last night; Dave K ran a further Bolt Action game - apparently the U.S. forces had the run of order dice, which is why they won (according to the German players. . .).

Steve H and I player Angels 20 for the first time in ages; I had been able to source some Italian 1/144 bomber models which allowed us to play out a raid on Malta. This did not go well for the Italians (i.e. me) with serious losses to the bomber force - the scenario requires some work to be balanced but was great fun all the same!

Next week, I've offered to run a Lion Rampant Dark Ages game.

See yer soon


P.S. I have been advised that Warlord Games are offering their TANK War supplement to Bolt Action as a free downloadable PDF during September; I hardly need to point out that this is a good thing?

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