Thursday, 29 March 2018

21st March Games


The return of warmer weather brought out a few more last night; as such we were able to run two games. Mark Ran his Victorian Horror game.

Whilst I ran the promised larger Bolt Action USSR game. I was primarily involved in the umpiring/rule interpretation of the USSR game - neither side was able to fulfil it's mission due to large numbers of pinned troops. Dave K's lousy dice luck continued, but he wasn't using my dice most of the game. Whilst not everybody agrees with the mechanics of the rules, the general feeling is they perhaps reflect the reality of small scale actions better than some other rules.

Next week, Dave K has offered to run a WW2 game using the successor rules to the above, which should provide a useful counterpoint to the recent games. I'll bring something else along as backup.

Following recent discussions, I'd like to hold a 'AGM' on Wednesday 25th April starting at about 8.15pm. I use inverted commas as the only matters requiring attention are the following:
  • The partial refund of 2017 subscriptions due to our move from the Hockley Community Centre in June last year.
  • The purchase of club polo shirts or badges for use at wargames shows.
  • The nature of a possible club project for an exhibition game.
See yer soon


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