Friday, 16 March 2018

8th March Games


Sufficient on hand to run two games last night; Andy P ran his Asian Invasion game.

Whilst I took the opportunity to run the original Bolt Action WW2 skirmish rules for John and Dave K. This was the first time I had run a game using these rules for a considerable while, so progress was slow initially, but despite Dave's truly appalling dice luck (well, he was using my dice!) there was sufficient interest for the experiment to be repeated next week. The thing about these rules (not sure if this is reflected in the current version) is that the game is about the mission and troops are more likely to be pinned down by suppressive fire than killed. I've always been fond of the set and was pleased that the game went well.

With this in mind, I've agreed to run the game again with a larger number of troops next week. No firm decision about any other games, so suggestions are welcome.

I've consulted Andy H and Mark with a view to holding the AGM after Salute. More details to follow.

See yer soon


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