Thursday, 10 January 2019

9th January Games


We were joined by Eamon last night; he's been away from the hobby for quite a while and has followed the blog and was 'inspired' to visit on the basis of content. So you se it does do some good!

I ran my planned Men Who Would Be Kings game for the benefit of Steve H, Mike, Steve B and Eamon. Basically all available figures placed on the table and let the mayhem begin! The game was more of a way of introducing three new players to the rules but if you view the game in the light of Omdurman the regrettable casuallty list for the Mahdists makes sense. We even has a charge by the Lancer regiment into the Mahdist hordes but no sign of young Winston.

Andy P ran a Rumbleslam game for the rest of those attending.

I'm waiting to hear from the Tonbridge Wells Wargames Society concerning the Cavalier booking and will advise details on receipt. Next week I've offered to run a Dark Ages based on Lion Rampant game and I understand a Terminator:Genesys practice game has been scheduled as well.

See yer soon


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