Friday, 8 February 2019

6th february Games


Slightly down on numbers this week due to illness, but Dave K was able to run his Western Gunfight game with myself and Mark, while Andy P ran a board game called WildLands for Mike and Steve B, and Alan and Rob played Kill Team. Games were seperated over a wide area of the site so perforce my attention to the latter games was restricted.
My entry to the gunfight game, consisting of a lawman posse, was rather less than successful this week compared to last, suffice to say I was down to two effectives by turn 5 . . .

wid west gunfight western wayland games essex gamers

 kill team kill-team game

wildlands board game wayland games SEEMS club essex

Next week Mark has offered to run his Barbarian fantasy game (that's a dungeon crawl with a barbarian cast just to clarify), in which I hope to use some of my Frostgrave figures. I'll also bring along a board game as backup.

Formal confirmation of our attendance with the Terminator game at Cavalier in Tonbridge on 24/02/19 has been recieved.

See yer soon


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