Monday, 4 June 2012

30th May Games

Bit quieter this week but two decent games. Thanks to Dave Kightly for stepping up and running a War at Sea game to cover the gap left by Laurie's postponed Napoleonic game. I ran my customary Angels 20 game, set over Malta with a dustup featuring Hurricanes and assorted Macchi fighters. Both went well so far as I can tell.

Next week, Laurie intends to run the Napoleonic game previously promised. I will offer Angels 20 ( a specific scenario requested by Dave Crook featuring Fw190's and mass destruction is promised). A further reminder concerning the Broadside show on the 10th June at this point;

Those attending for the full day, please speak to me re. parking as I may be able to help with reduced charges for three vehicles.

See yer soon,

A few pics from the Angels 20 game -

The Italian and Polish pilots fight for the airspace.

The damaged Macchi tries to escape but is soon shot down...

RF0 attacks as the Italian makes evasive moves!

The Italian fighter ace chases a damaged Hurricane only to be hazed by the other two!

Final result was one Macchi destroyed and one damaged (the Italian 'Ace' who survived several attacks) and two severely damaged Hurricanes.

A Macchi C.200

A Hawker Hurricane Mk1


  1. All I can say if it was not for Pat and Ernie's superior flying skills the Hurricanes would have won.

  2. Cry havoc, and let slip the FW 190s of war....

    'Nuff said about next week but the above looked a real hoot!

    All the best,