Monday, 11 June 2012

Broadside 2012 Report

Broadside 2012 - the view of a roving attendee

What a difference a year makes! The show this year seemed to be far better laid out (not that it was bad before) in terms of trade and games - not sure if it was but it just felt somehow, roomier. As is usual I only spent a couple of hours wandering about and seeing what was on offer - both in respect of games and trade. I took the opportunity so trade a pile of books for some other titles and aside from a small foray into the Bring and Buy/Flea market I actually spent very little! The show itself has a real 'old school' feel about it so you can cheerfully jaw with traders and gamers quite happily and I only wish I had spent some more time doing so. I enjoyed the fact that many of the games looked like the kind of thing you would see at your local club and not the usual static dioramas on offer at the larger events. That is not to say they were in anyway inferior - they just had that more achievable 'club night' look about them!

Space, the final frontier....these are the voyages of the Starship Table Clutter (only kidding, they were still setting up!) - it looks suitably galactic and space opera-ish.

The legendary Mr. Fox in his 'despoiler of worlds and flayer of men's souls' guise....or even 'Darth A'Path - Imperious Bleeder'

Mr Fox had organised a truly epic Battlefleet Gothic game that was awesomely awesome in its awesomeness (I think the fleets were about a gazillion points a side!) and featured suitably large numbers of battling starships and a selection of very nice terrain provided by Mr Hardman. Mr Fox is of course the owner of the two star field mats in use and boy do they look effective! Mention of the large number of asteroids on display did have me mentally humming a certain rather well known tune and recalling images of a particular French 120 gun ship of the line of all things.....(pauses for a moment of sighing and misty eyed reminiscing....)

It was a great day out and for me, exactly what a good show should be rather than the rugby scrum of much bigger events. Here's to Broadside 2013!

(by Dave Crook)

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