Friday, 8 June 2012

6th June Games

A busy night last night - thanks again to Dave Kightly for providing another War at Sea game as Laurie's projected Napoleonic game hit a snag. Noisy lot, these naval gamers - must all be deaf due to the guns :)

I ran an Eastern Front Angels 20 game, which was based on an actual mission. It all seemed to work out OK, and I think everybody enjoyed themselves. One or two rules tweaks to amend, but otherwise a good game.

This weekend sees the Broadside show over at Sittingbourne. If you are intending to pop over, the link to the host club's website is

from which full details of routes etc. can be obtained.

Next week, I understand that Laurie's Napoleonic game is lined up, and a Warhammer 40K game has been proposed as well. I have a Normandy based Angels 20 scenario in mind - we may need some extra tables!

Anybody getting to Hockley early that evening, could you speak to the caretaker and grab a couple of extra tables just in case, please?

See yer soon

A few pictures from the games - 

In the Angels 20 game was a Russian Front battle between a German Bf110 (as a spotter plane) supported by two FW190's up against a rather desperate rabble of Russian's made up of two Polikarpov I-16's, four Yak 1's (one with a short lived rookie pilot) and a lend-lease P40.

The first rookie Yak 1 doesn't get far on its maiden flight...

...nobody is coming back from that.

The Bf110 completes its objective with a lend-lease P40 in pursuit... more Polikarpov I-16's ("Ishaks") join the fray.

Two more Yak 1's join the growing Russian force.

The Bf110 was constantly harried throughout the game.

But even this much fire-power could not bring it down!

It is finally destroyed but good support from the two FW190's has taken its toll on the Russians.

Final result was five Russian's downed (four Yak 1's and an I-16) to one German (the Bf110)

Focke-Wulf FW190.

Messerschmitt Bf110.

Polikarpov I-16 "Ishak"

Tomahawk P-40.

Yakovlev Yak 1.

A couple of pics from the boisterous War at Sea game on the other table -

See Dave Crook's blog for a write up of the Angels 20 game.


  1. Many thanks to Mr Fox for the toys and for the scenario and to everyone that took part in a real humdinger! One can only hope that our friends at WOTC have a lot more aircraft in the pipeline for future release - especially as the Red Air Force can get some very useful types later on.

    I am looking forward to next weeks action as the carnage should be suitably satisfying given the line of aircraft up we are looking at!

    All the best,


  2. Dave, it would you mind cross posting any wednesday night games reviews posted on your blog again on the SEEMS blog. And those FW were deadly.